The classic, traditional understanding of the lawyer as an independent, confidential and loyal adviser to the client is not enough for us. This does not mean that we do not take the above attributes seriously. But we want to go far beyond this. A good lawyer today is not a dusty pedant but a modern service provider consistently aligning his activities to the needs of his clients.

Therefore, we have the ambition of offering consultation and support tailored precisely to your needs with our experience and in accordance with the latest technical standards. We work more efficiently due to our specialization and want to offer you the most optimal solution – economically as well – to the tasks facing us. You can expect to find a direct and personal contact partner in each and every one of us.

Much of what we do for you is not directly and outwardly visible. In addition, legal jargon is not always immediately understandable to everyone. Law, jurisprudence and technical terminology are sometimes complicated. So we endeavor to make our consultation processes transparent and the legal jargon comprehensible. If this does not succeed right away, please do not hesitate to ask further questions.

In all this we also see the size of our practice as an advantage: Staying small to serve you better.