The range of family law goes beyond support and divorce issues. Legal issues in corporate law, tax law and contract law are increasingly involved. We have specialized in assessing questions of corporate law and tax law in connection with family law disputes. The focus is on complex problems in the equalization of accrued gains and sophisticated support disputes.

Accrued gains

Divorce proceedings can also involve extensive asset disputes. Our specialization in business and tax law enables us to generate company valuations, balance sheet analyses and proposed solutions to avoid capital destruction in the context of fulfilling claims for equalization of gains.

Our precise knowledge of financial reporting also opens the possibility of determining legitimate benefits and support claims even when they are not immediately obvious.


The basis of a support calculation is not exclusively a submitted wage statement. Even the income tax assessment does not give a complete picture. This applies in particular to income from capital assets. In this case, the determination of the actual support claim is part of our remit. Our 30-year experience in family law helps us in this.

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