Professional quality through decades of specialization and advanced training is a prerequisite for providing optimal advice in employment law. We have deliberately chosen to represent both employers and employees. Thus we know the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent. We want to achieve the optimum result for our clients. The legal consideration of the facts is just as important as the consistent pursuit of the individual goals of the client. Especially the latter can change fundamentally in the course of a procedure.

Representation of employers

The representation of employers generally occurs at a very early stage. Here counseling is an integral part of the legal profession. The counseling may concern issues of individual and collective labor law. For individual employment law, it is necessary to review whether the measure complies with the employment contract, laws and case-law. Collective labor law usually focuses on the participation rights of the works council.

Representation of employees

When representing employees, it is important to carefully review whether we should act directly against the employer or first pursue the conflict in the background.

For dismissals this is not a consideration, since the law stipulates a three-week time limit. For the employee it is important to understand that his or her interests can change significantly during a process. The experience of two decades of work in the field of labor law leads to successful outcomes.

Representation of board members and managing directors

Board members and managing directors are not employees. Therefore they do not enjoy general employee protection. Nevertheless, there are some parallels. In addition, special knowledge in stock corporation law and limited liability corporation law and the related corporate law are required for optimal advice.

Representation of senior executives

Senior executives are employees. However relative to “normal” employees, there are peculiarities that apply to them as they exercise employer functions due to their position and are therefore often in the employer’s camp. In the case of conflict with the employer, their own interests – that of an employee – must be represented. Therefore, elementary knowledge of labor law is important in order to take account of the specificities for senior executives.

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